Below you will find all necessary information pertaining to the distribution of alcohol at Brunswick Event Rental facilities. Please read through all information carefully as you will be required to agree to the below policy prior to making a reservation.

Our Policies

Caterer must provide BSRI, at least 2 weeks prior to event, with copies of all North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission licenses, permits, and certificates of insurance listing and identifying Brunswick County and Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc., as Additional Insured. Absolutely no “brown bagging” is allowed on the premises of any BSRI facility. No beer kegs, No champagne fountains, and No Chocolate fountains are allowed.

Alcohol may NOT be stored in the facility except during the time indicated on the ABC Permit. Alcoholic beverages must be served by a designated bartender at least 21 years or older who is in attendance of the bar at all times. The bar must be closed one hour before the end of the event. Consumption of alcohol prior to 12p.m. on Sunday is prohibited.

Please download and fill out the form below to be turned in by the caterer 2 weeks prior to the event.